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Gear Monkey is a leading transmission facility in Southern California, transmitting more total national broadcast hours per week than any other provider in Orange County. We provide two-way interview services for our national broadcast clients in addition to planning and executing Satellite Media Tours (SMT's), Press Junkets, Video News Releases (VNR's) and Electronic Press Kits (EPK's).

We are located in the heart of Orange County, close to Angels Stadium, the Santa Ana courts & state representatives' offices, and within an easy ten-minute drive of the financial centers of Newport Beach and Irvine. Our neighborhood is peaceful and inviting and within walking distance to hotels and entertainment.

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  • Choice of 16x9 or 4x3 aspect ratios.
  • Central feed point for Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV & Yahoo Sports. View Map.
  • Located in the heart of OC. Minutes from OC Court House, Angel Stadium, Honda Center & Disneyland.
  • Fiber uplink - (AT&T, Vyvx)
  • C and Ku band satellite receive capability.
  • Control Room with Ultimatte Blue & Green Screen - we insert your custom background image.
  • Full on-site post production facility.
  • Tape playout from multiple formats - HD Downconvert & PAL Conversion.
  • 24 hour availability for all services provided.