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Gear Monkey Stages

At Gear Monkey we love to shoot. We love shooting so much we have three stages – the most in Orange County.

Stage 1 is great for anything from product to sets, food shoots to multi-cam. It’s a hard-wall white cyc, which we can paint white, green or blue based on your needs. This stage is a true sound stage, completely sound-proof, and comes with makeup rooms, dressing rooms, showers, a production office, kitchen, large atrium/patio, air conditioning and most importantly free wireless internet.

Studio G is our permanent green-screen stage, for your interview, talking head and general green-screen needs. It’s a plug-and-play stage w/ lighting, audio and camera pre-built. Just show up and we’ll do the rest. One important note: all of these stages come with our on-staff crew experienced in the ins and outs of all three stages.

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Gear Monkey Stage 1 – Sound Proof with Hardwall Cyclorama

Gear Monkey's Stage 1 has a high-end boutique feel that other stages can't match. In addition, everything you'll ever need for production is provided for you on-site. Production supplies, lighting & grip, cameras – everything including the wireless connection. Need someone you can trust? Our staff can provide the crew, the equipment, the food and the atmosphere.

32’ x 26’ L-Cyc – 12 feet to grid
  • INCLUDES - sound stage, air conditioning, production offices/control room, dressing rooms, makeup room, Atrium/Patio for catering, wireless Internet.
Stage Manager (required, 10 hour day) Call
Stage Power 600 amps Call
Stage Cable Package (required) Call
Stage Grip Package (required) Call
Stage Lighting Package Call
Tables, Chairs, etc. Call

STUDIO G - Insert/Green Screen Stage

This is the stage for your smaller shoots where you need to just get in, turn on a camera and get it done. The lighting is pre-rigged, the audio is pre-rigged, the cameras are pre-built.

If green screen isn’t what you need to shoot but you still need a smaller stage we also have a selection of generic backgrounds for you to consider, as well.

Pricing for this stage varies so please call us for pricing. However, keep in mind that this stage has been voted “Best Production Value in Orange County” for three years running.