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Gear Monkey Stage Rentals

Are you in need of a smaller stage to do simple interviews, testimonials, green screen, stand ups, or maybe throw a flat up? We have some great solutions for you.

Our air-conditioned stages are located in the heart of Orange County with easy freeway access. Perfect for small and cost effective shoots.

STAGE 1 is great for anything from product shots to small sets, food shoots to testimonials. With a shooting area of 24X17, this space is great for both interviews and smaller set applications.

STUDIO G is our permanent green-screen stage, for your interview, talking head and general green-screen needs. Itt’s green and pre-lit. Best used for waist-up framing. We use this weekly for news feeds to the big networks and have it available for you.

All stage rentals can be configured to Include access to our 2 station makeup room, wireless internet and kitchen. All stages are rented by the hour* or by the day (4 hour minimum. Billed hourly.)

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Gear Monkey Stage 1 – The Right Size

Gear Monkey Stage Diagram

24’ x 17’ Stage
  • INCLUDES - sound stage, air conditioning, wireless internet.
  • Sound Proof
Stage Grip/Lighting Package Call
Kitchen Call
2 Station Makeup Room Call
Streaming or HD fiber connection Call
Production Supplies Call

Gear Monkey Studio G – Ready-to-Go Green Screen

This is the stage for your smaller shoots where you need to just get in, turn on a camera and get it done. However, keep in mind that this stage has been voted “Best Production Value in Orange Countyt” for three years running.