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MAY 2010

Gear Monkey - Haiti Relief Update

Gear Monkey

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

    Gear Monkey is continuing its Haiti relief effort through the hard work and dedication of employee Jason Carr and Krystof Andres.  Jason and Krystof will be leaving on May 21st for Port au Prince, Haiti supporting the Free Wheelchair Mission's goal of delivering 8,000 free wheelchairs to the crush victims of the Haiti earthquake. 

    Jason and Krystof need your help to raise the required funds to cover both the cost of their trip and to purchase wheelchairs.  In addition to delivering and building wheelchairs for the people of Haiti, Krystof and Jason will be using Gear Monkey's equipment to shoot a video to support the ongoing efforts of the Free Wheelchair Mission.  These guys are sacrificing their own personal time and working hard to help the Haitian people.  Please support them as best you can.  Visit their website at and on Facebook for information on how to help.


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      Gear Monkey has been very busy lately at both its Irvine and Orange sound stages.  These stages are the best in the OC.  So if you are shooting anything, you should be using Gear Monkey for stages and equipment.  We have been shooting everything from concerts to infomercials and webinars to news feeds. 

      Gear Monkey is always first and most experienced with new technologies like the AJA KiPro portable disk recorder and the GoPro wearable sports camera.  Contact Gear Monkey today to check out these cool new tools.


May 2010
Project Lifted!

Free Wheelchair Mission
Free Wheelchair Mission

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Client Production Profile

     Live concert event production company Gear Connection was in a bind. They needed multicam shooting for iMag and an event DVD that they were producing for USC. There would be upwards of 5,000 students attending the outdoor concert with one of the biggest hip-hop stars of all time: T-Pain. They couldn't afford to take any chances with such a high-level event. After looking at several different companies they chose Gear Monkey. Owner Arik Pearlman says: "I couldn't use a company that would just give us the gear and some surly technicians to run it - I needed a partner. I chose Gear Monkey for their level of service and commitment to quality and they delivered 110%."

     Gear Monkey provided a video engineer and director, camera ops, utilities, a 20 ft. jib and operator and the 4 camera multicam equipment, including transportation to the event. Additionally, at the last minute a graphics sequence was needed to be played on the LED walls during the event highlighting the various artists playing throughout the day. Patrick Martinez from Post Factory was brought in to design and produce the motion graphics sequence, which was a highlight of the event.

     A special thanks to Gear Connection and Arik Pearlman for choosing Gear Monkey as its multicam partner for this event. Fight On!



USC Springfest 2010
with T-Pain



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APRIL 2010

Post Factory Sponsors OC ADDY Awards!

Post Factory

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

2010 OC Addy Awards

Post Factory was proud to be the exclusive post-production sponsor of the 2010 OC ADDY Awards held at the Sutra club in Irvine on March 25th, bringing together the best advertising talent in Southern California.  It was a great event and we congratulate all the winners.  Take a look at the photos here.

Meguiar's Quik Tips Post Factory has been called on by Meguiar's to help them produce a series of programs to educate automotive enthusiasts on common car care conundrums titled the “Quik Tips Series.” This collection of short and easy-to-digest video tutorials is the perfect way for consumers to achieve Meguiar’s famous show car shine from home and provide the ultimate protection for their car year round.

Available online at Meguiar’s Video Guide (, these information-rich videos will offer easy-to-follow tips for some of the most common car care issues. These solutions to everyday car care challenges are demonstrated in short 2-3 minute videos tailored directly to the end user.

The project is being helmed by Post Factory's Todd Yates and edited by Chris Gendrin. Take a look at one of the videos here.

USC T-Pain Concert
Post Factory, along with Gear Monkey, provided audio visual support for a concert with T-Pain and hip-hop duo Clipse on the USC campus as part of their Springfest 2010 event on April 10th.  Post Factory's Patrick Martinez created a graphics package for the big screen projection with Gear Monkey providing multi-camera production support.


September 2009
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Meguiar's QuikTips




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MARCH 2010

Gear Monkey Adds Irvine Stage!

Post Factory

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

    Gear Monkey has added a new stage in Irvine!  Located at 17522 Von Karman Ave. near John Wayne Airport, this stage is without question the best in Orange County.  Gear Monkey worked with the building owner in the early 1990’s to design and build this stage to be the best available.  To this day, it retains that title.

    The stage features two cyc’s.  The first cyc is an L-shaped, two wall cyclorama that is 38’ x 36’ and 16’ tall.  The second cyc is a single wall, pre-lit green screen cyc that is 24’ wide by 16’ tall.  The facility has a spacious green room and production offices as well as a make up room.  If that weren’t enough, it has 1200 amps of power and almost 30 tons of silent running AC.

    Gear Monkey occupied this facility during the mid 90’s and after several years of being “off the market” and unavailable for productions, Gear Monkey has refurbished the stage and taken over management of this outstanding facility.  If you need a true sound stage in the OC, look no further.  Gear Monkey has you covered.  Call Gear Monkey today to book your next shoot at this great stage for an unbelievable price!

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      Gear Monkey has recently expanded its Facebook page!  We have added a page where you can post technical production questions for the team at Gear Monkey and the community at large to answer.  We also want our page to be a place where people can share their past production challenges and how they overcame them.  Become a fan of Gear Monkey today!    


Gear Monkey's
Irvine Sound Stage

Web Site


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Canon - Fun on the Run

     Gear Monkey recently had a client that called in with a problem from a shoot that they were doing on the RED.  They had purchased some inexpensive Firewire hard drives to copy the R3D files to on set as they were shooting.  However, they were unable to get the drives to format properly on their Apple MacBook Pro.  We thought that we would share the solution that we gave them with all of you since this seems to be a common and growing issue.

      Most, if not all, of the inexpensive drives on the market today come pre-formatted in NTFS (Windows NT Filesystem).  If you try to just “erase” the drive with Apple’s Disk Utility it will report an error and fail.  Here is the trick to making this work. 


     Click on the actual drive in the left pane of the Disk Utility.  It will be just above the name of the volume that you see on the desktop.  Then select Partition from the window on the right and change the Volume Scheme to 1 Partition.


     Then select Options at the bottom of that window and change the Partition Scheme to GUID Partition Table.  Click OK. Then click Apply in the bottom right of the window and you will be on your way.  For more technical solutions like this one, become a fan of Gear Monkey on Facebook!



Windows Drives
to Mac








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Post Factory - Haiti Relief Effort

Post Factory

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

Haiti Relief Effort

Post Factory and client Craftworks Creative recently completed a pro bono project for the Grangou organization.  Grangou works with abandoned and neglected children in the country of Haiti.  Grangou is the Haitian word for hungry.  Grangou is dedicated to raising awareness about the extreme difficulties of life in Haiti as well as feeding the hearts, minds and bodies of the Haitians in need.  They are trying to reach a nation that is hungry for hope and change; one person at a time.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.  They have over nine million people, 80% unemployment, 49% are malnourished and 1.2 million orphans.  Based on the recent tragedy in Haiti, the need is even greater than when we started this project several months ago.  Grangou has people on the ground in Haiti right now assisting the victims.  Haiti needs our help and our prayers.  Please take a moment to watch the video and do what you can to help.

Watch the video here.



September 2009


 Haitian Hungry



Haitian Children

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Gear Monkey - Ready for 2010!

Post Factory

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

     It is only the second week of 2010 and Gear Monkey is already running at full speed on everything from music video shoots on the RED to direct response shows on Varicam 2700’s and tons of shoots and feeds in Studio G.  2010 looks to be unbelievable and Gear Monkey is ready for it all.

     Gear Monkey remains the only source in Orange County for the much sought after Panasonic 2700 Varicam and the only source in Southern California for 2700's with Panasonic's unbelieveable new color viewfinder.  Gear Monkey is also putting the finishing touches on an all new HD multi-cam flypack that can record to the popular AJA KiPRO disk recorders in addition to P2 cards and even breaks down small enough to fly the system to out of town locations as checked baggage!

Tapeless Workflow

     DP Marc Ritzema and the rest of the Gear Monkey crew have been busy working on a music video titled "Self Portrait" for Mike Speed Productions.  The project is being shot on the RED ONE and involves extensive 3D tracking and CGI which is being handled by Post Factory talent Sabour Amirazodi, Patrick Martinez and Jon Hicks.  When you need to shoot RED, Gear Monkey should be your only call.  We have the gear you need and top notch AC's, DIT's and data wranglers to get the job done right.

     Client Script to Screen has been out on multiple shoots with Gear Monkey's Panasonic 2700 cameras.  They just completed a shoot in Florida last week for client Total Gym as part of a direct response project. 
DP Ralph Linhardt informed Script to Screen that he had not had much luck in the past with renting gear from out of state companies and rather than take their chances renting equipment from someone they don’t know, Script to Screen came to Gear Monkey to supply them with a camera package that they knew would work flawlessly.  When it came time get the shoot covered, Production Manager Ivan Gonzalez knew that Gear Monkey would take care of their needs and meet their budget.


"Self Portrait"
Music Video Shoot

Web Site


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Canon - Fun on the Run

     This new series of PL mount lenses cine lenses from Carl Zeiss will attract even the most ambitious moviemakers who attach prime importance to optical quality without losing sight of budget constraints and is perfect for the RED ONE.

     High optical performance and ruggedness make the ZEISS Compact Prime lenses reliable tools for the many challenges that movie making has to offer. The PL mount lenses are available in four different focal lengths ranging from 18 to 85 millimeters.  All focus scales are individually calibrated and feature standard housing dimensions as well as standard focus and iris positions.  The Compact Primes are the lenses of choice for anyone seeking ZEISS precision and reliability paired with high image quality in an affordable solution.

Call Gear Monkey today for these lenses and much more!



Carl Zeiss
Compact Primes

 Available in
28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm

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New Year's Update!

Post Factory

Post Factory Launches New Web Site

NBC|Universal chooses Post Factory for RED

It’s been a while since you have heard from us.  The fourth quarter of 2009 was full of activity here at Post Factory.  We have been diligently cranking out numerous episodes of an ongoing project for Mick Victor of I-MOBIUS and his client Pioneer, along with a myriad of commercials, training videos and marketing projects for clients like G&M Plumbing, Marshall Advertising and SVC International, just to name a few.  Be sure to visit our website to check some of them out.

Post Factory and editor dB Bracamontes recently completed six months of editorial and finishing on the feature film “The Bleeding” for Crush Films, starring Michael Madsen, Armand Assante and Michael Matthias.  Crush Films chose to work with Post Factory to get the phenomenal talents of dB in a one-stop shop facility that could handle the entire project from start to finish and meet the strict deadline.  dB and motion design genius Patrick Martinez also crafted the super cool title sequence.  Watch the trailer here and look for more feature projects coming out of Post Factory.

After a nationwide search, Post Factory is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Swierenga to its growing team of talent.  Sneaking Dan away from industry leader OPT1MUS in Chicago was no small feat, but once Dan flew out and saw the lush boutique setting that he would be working in, the choice was easy.  "Post Factory is like OPT1MUS on a boutique scale," said Dan after his initial visit.  "They have every facet of an upper echelon post facility and a great staff to back it up."  As you see Dan working in our edit and Smoke bays, be sure to stop by and remind him how warm it is here in January compared to Chicago.

Eight years of sonic bliss have come to an end with Chris Potter departing Post Factory to pursue other interests.  We will miss Chris greatly and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.  In the interim, Joe Pileggi and Zack Dingman from Audio By The Bay will be covering Post Factory's audio needs, so for a short time you'll be able to enjoy their talented company on your projects.  However, with a large slate of movies, TV shows and commercial projects launching this month we are furiously looking for Post Factory’s next Sound Designer.  If you know of a talented individual that you think would fit the bill, have them contact us at immediately.


September 2009


 NBC|Universal Logo

Creative Awakenings


RED Camera logo

The Bleeding

 Dan Swierenga
5.1 Surround Edit Suite
Post Factory Home





Slumdog Millionaire scored a sweeping victory last night in Hollywood, winning 8 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Cinematography.

Coinciding with that victory, we at Gear Monkey are proud to announce the availability starting this week of Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K camera system - the same camera used in the production of this Oscar winning film. Gear Monkey prides itself on being on the cutting-edge of digital cinematography. From the Varicam, to the RED, and now the SI-2K, Gear Monkey provides only the best and most cutting edge equipment, coupled with personnel who have used it in the field.

Now Oscar-winning Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, BSC explains his experience with the camera: "I had to find a camera that would be ergonomic enough for me to throw myself around the slums chasing the children whilst, at the same time, hold as much detail in the shadows and highlights. We needed a digital cinema camera with enough latitude to hold highlights and something very small so we could enter the children’s world at their level. Slumdog needed a completely different tactical approach.”

They found the right combination in the innovative IT-centric Silicon Imaging SI-2K Digital Cinema camera. It delivered over 11 stops of dynamic range, flexible connectivity and film-like digital content, all in a highly-adaptive, portable package.

Unlike modern HD cameras, which develop and compress colorized imagery inside the camera, the Silicon Imaging SI-2K streams 2K (2048x1152) data as uncompressed raw “digital negatives” over a standard gigabit Ethernet connection. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based computer embedded in the camera or tethered to a laptop processes the digital negatives where they are non-destructively developed and colorized for preview using the cinematographer's desired "look" for the scene.

The digital negatives and "look" metadata are simultaneously recorded to a hard drive or solid state disk where up to 4-hours of continuous footage are captured on a single 160GB notebook drive. The recorded files can be immediately played with the target color look at full resolution, without the need for film scanning, tape ingest, format conversions or off-line proxies.

“The SI-2K’s handled the highlights amazingly well,” said Mantle. “I have shot on the RED camera and found I had to be more wary of clipping the highlights in Scandinavia than I had to be with the SI-2K in scorching India. Its weight factor obviously allowed me to operate more intuitively and emotionally instantaneously than I can with the normal weight of even the lightest modern camera.”

Gear Monkey is proud to announce the availability of the SI-2K camera system. Call Gear Monkey today and schedule some time with the SI-2K, and let us help you on your path to next year’s Oscars.


Call or e-mail John Merrell at Gear Monkey (714.705.6088, to sign up for the next clinic on the SI-2K camera system. John will take your name and e-mail address and contact you with the date and time. Hurry, these clinics are limited to only a small number of people and will fill up fast.



Gear Monkey is back in full swing for the 2009 season. We have recently expanded and upgraded our lighting and grip offerings. We now have 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10-ton trucks available for your production. Along with your grip and lighting truck, we’ll set you up with all the power you need. We can now provide you with generators ranging from 500 amps all the way up to 2500 amps. We’ve got lights and cameras, now you bring the action!

Gear Monkey’s President, Todd Yates, has recently started a blog covering the film, television and online video business. The blog is titled “Behind the Orange Curtain – Adventures in the Film and TV Business in the OC” and is located at As the transition to digital TV and high-definition progresses, Todd will offer insights and tips for a smooth changeover. As the television industry and the web become more intertwined, Todd will explore and discuss the latest trends in these areas. Discussions will focus on everything from industry trends to technical tips and tricks. Visit today and check it out!


In addition to the ongoing recycling efforts here at Gear Monkey, we now have generators that run on biodiesel fuel! What is biodiesel fuel you ask?

Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics. Sounds simple enough, right? We just wish we had this was available sooner. So the next time you’re in need of a generator, do the right thing for your production and the environment and give us a call!


Gear Monkey is proud to announce the addition of two talented DPs to its roster. Steven Fraasa and Dan Parsons. With over 20 years of experience, Steven Fraasa’s work on large scale commercials, infomercials and corporate videos has taken him from the sound stages of Hollywood, New York and Orlando, to the sunny exteriors of Hawaii and Miami Beach, the mansions of Malibu and aboard the worlds largest cruise ships of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe.

Dan Parsons earned an MFA in film production from Chapman University where he served as the teaching assistant for esteemed educator and cinematographer, Bill Dill, ASC. Dan began his career as a cinematographer in Austin, Texas, where he shot numerous independent films and was privileged to work with several award-winning directors. With over 80 shooting credits on features, commercials, television pilots, documentaries, music videos and short films, Dan's experience includes all film and digital formats.



New client Pulp took full advantage of Gear Monkey’s pre-lit green screen stage on a recent shoot. The idea of driving all the way into LA left them with a sour taste in their mouth. When they heard that Gear Monkey had a pre-lit, 2-wall green screen stage ready for the picking, they jumped at the opportunity to utilize it at an affordable hourly rate. In and out in about 5 hours, they didn’t have to pay full day rates or waste any time before they headed to the editing room!


It has been a busy month for Gear Monkey working with DP’s Marc Ritzema and Tom McDonald for client Script to Screen. We did several back-to-back shoots for a number of different beauty products. Marc Ritzema helmed a testimonial shoot for the ThermaClear show in HD while the Laura Gellar host shoot was handled by DP Tom McDonald. Thanks to Gear Monkey staffer Jason Carr and Gear Monkey’s equipment, the Laura Gellar host shoot went off without a hitch! The set design was amazing to begin with, not to mention how good it looked through Gear Monkey’s cameras and Tom McDonald’s lighting talents. Tom McDonald also shot testimonials in HD for the Rotoshave project with Gear Monkey’s Varicam. All the shoots were an absolute success and we look forward to more shoots later this month! As video production rapidly shifts to HD look to Gear Monkey to guide you through it.


Studio G (the transmission room at Gear Monkey) has certainly been hot this month. Between the presidential election, the slouching economy and MLB playoffs, our transmission staff is working around the clock doing transmissions for congresswomen, chief economists, and Major League Baseball columnists for networks like NBC, FOX, ESPN and more. The mayor of Long Beach, Bob Foster, was also in our studio speaking about the economy. There’s no question as to where mayor Bob will be going for his next live interview after the personalized service he and his entire team received here at Gear Monkey. Whoever the client is, Gear Monkey’s commitment to professional, personalized service clearly shines above the rest!



What do Comic Book Hall of Famer Stan Lee, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, comedian Jamie Kennedy, DP Marc Ritzema and Gear Monkey have in common? The soon to be released Guitar Hero 4! It's no wonder Gear Monkey was at the top of the list for one of the worlds most popular video games. Between Gear Monkey's outstanding equipment and the amazing Krystof Andres the shoot was lit to perfection. It was quite a day on set with all these characters. Even Ozzy Osbourne commented several times throughout the shoot on what an amazing job Krystof pulled off. Whether it's music videos or music video games, Marc Ritzema is on top of the charts for directors of photography! With all the branded corporate sponsorship that's going to be packed into Guitar Hero 4, maybe you'll see Gear Monkey's logo on the stage lighting!


Gear Monkey worked with DP Ralph Linhardt and production company Amedias recently on a spot for the California Teacher's Association addressing California's budget crisis and calling on the California Legislature and the Governor to take action and get a budget passed that puts a priority on education. The shoot took place both on location and on Gear Monkey's Stage 01. Ralph Linhardt shot the location footage while Gear Monkey's Krystof Andres shot the studio portion.


For a very limited time Gear Monkey is offering Lee color correction gel rolls for 40% off when you buy five or more. Go to Gear Monkey's web site now and take advantage of this unbelievable offer! Use coupon code GMGEL when you check out to get the discount.

While you're there, check out all the other cool stuff available at Gear Monkey. This month we are featuring the very popular Altman lighting wrench. The Altman is the absolute "MUST HAVE" wrench for every electrician working in the theatre. Cutouts in the body fit all the bolts on the C-clamp and lamp. The "star" fits the older version metal handles on lekos and par cans. When you go up to focus lamps, you better have this wrench with you! This month the Altman lighting wrench is 25% off! Use coupon code ALTMAN when you check out.


Gear Monkey has been extremely busy lately working on the launch of our new web site, which has been completely redesigned from the ground up. We have added more information on equipment, easier search capabilities and on-line ordering. This month all SetWear products are 20% off when you use the promo code SETW when you check out. Be sure to visit the new site today and check it out.

Gear Monkey has recently completed several projects for a number of clients. One notable project was a week long shoot for DVS Shoes' "Skate & Create" campaign with Director of Photography Marc Ritzema. The project will be part of DVS’ new viral marketing program. The shoot was gaffed by Gear Monkey's own Krystof Andres.

DP Ralph Linhardt lensed another project for Canon via agency i-Mobius. This direct to on-line project introduces Canon’s newlist line of printers. All crew and equipment for the project were provided by Gear Monkey. The show was filmed on location in Santa Monica.


Gear Monkey offers the much-touted RED camera for rental. Give us a call and we will walk you through getting just the right package for you next shoot. In addition, Gear Monkey and Post Factory can help you get the most from your RED ONE footage by helping you through the post process. As any who have shot with the RED can tell you, the post-production process required to get the most from your footage can be a challenging one.

Once you have shot your footage on the RED, Post Factory has the experience and tools to help you maximize the quality of your images through the post-production process. We can help you do it all from generating low-res dailies to color correcting your footage in 4:4:4 and outputting to a variety of HD tape formats or down converting to SD. Just give us a call and we will guide you through.


The Gear Monkey team